Radio Lite (LiteFM)
is a Russian music radio station focused on modern musical trends.
The slogan of the radio station: "Light music on light waves." There are no annoy sounds, no aggressive lyrics. We make our listeners feel enjoyment and lightness.
We speak Russian and English. The ratio of Russian and foreign songs is 20/80. We also play songs on French and Espanola.
» The primary format is CHR / TOP 40 with world hits, as well as AC (Adult Contemporary), which includes gold hits of the 2000s.;
» Broadcasting: 24/7;
» Audience age: 18-42;
» stuff: 1 person (ad executive);
» The price of one commercial play is $0.5;

We have modern and progressive listeners. They are dominant buyers of products and services so you can successfully sell an ad placing even if you broadcast in a small town.
We share our experience of developing a successful business and help to get profit in the first months!

Radio station franchise
» Amount of investments: $15000
» Payback period: 10 months.
» Monthly profit: $1500
Scheme for cooperation

The cooperation with regional partners is based on a franchise agreement that gives partners the authority to retranslate a radio program for a license fee. A franchise fee is determined by the audience.
We provide step-by-step instructions for configuration of equipment and software, provide content and daily playlists, branded sweepers for your city, and also give advice on how to set up all business processes.
We are going to make commercials for your clients, so you don’t have to buy an expensive studio and hire voice actors.
Broadcasting works autonomously, without additional employees.
Music content is provided via the Internet using full automatic cloud technologies.
We provide fresh music content. We cooperate with music labels, so most of the new songs come out on our radio station immediately.

Our steps
» 1. We consult about how to get a broadcasting license.
» 2. We help to buy equipment and configure it.
» 3. We help to set up and configure the software. You will manage all processes remotely from anywhere using your laptop or smartphone.
» 4. We provide CRM to make your accounting easy, so you don’t need a personal accountant, you also don’t need an economic entity.
» 5. We provide a working script for your ad executive.
Your steps
» 1. You find the place to set up a mast. The requirement altitude should be higher than the average ground level of your city. The best solution is if the place is on the mountain. The equipment needs an electrical supply of up to 1 kW and an internet connection.
» 2. You hire an ad executive or decide to work yourself.
» 3. You get your profit!
Start a partnership
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